Co-creating changemaking African Brands

I collaborate with social entrepreneurs and changemakers in Africa to co-create strong brands that amplify their solutions, products, and services.

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Africans are the experts on Africa.

We’re the best people to solve the challenges we face in our communities, countries and the continent. I’ve worked with these kick-ass people doing cool stuff and their brands.

Why do we need strong brands?

Social entrepreneurs are tackling tough problems head-on. They’ve got ingenious solutions, but getting those solutions out into the world demands a smart plan a strong brand.

A strong brand doesn’t just look good—

It stands out

Amid the noise and commotion, it's like a unicorn at a rodeo—unique and totally unforgettable.

Engages people

Forges loyal connections, rallies supporters and ride or die Hallmark-esque relationships.

Articulates your goals

Your brand will inherit and embody your mission, vision, and values.

Inspires change

Brand can turn ideas into actions, catalyse behaviour change and inspire movements.

About Me


Compulsive mono-tasker

Animal enthusiast

Hi, I'm Wanjiru

I’m a brand researcher and strategist, passionate about creating impactful brands in Africa.

I run Brand Thinking workshops and to trainings on how branding can make a difference. I’ve run such workshops with  programs and institutions such as Hiil Uganda, The Amani Institute, and Brand The Change Academy.

I guide co-creative brand thinking sessions with social entrepreneurs, both online and in person to design & build their brand strategies.

What I Do

Brand Research

Analyzing a brand's overall perception to understand its current state and inform strategic decisions for its development.

Brand Strategy

Defining the a brand's unique roadmap to achieve the organisation's specific goals and guide how the brand will be perceived.

Brand Design

Creating a cohesive and appealing identity that communicates the brand's personality, values, and essence.

Brand Workshop Facilitation

Interactive sessions and workshops to develop Brand Thinking skills.

What They Say

A few kind words, high-fives, and digital confetti that my clients have generously shared about my work.

Wanjiru is a visionary strategist who brings a fresh perspective to every project. Her deep reasearch of market trends, consumer behavior, and brand psychology sets her apart. I had the privilege of collaborating with her on a rebranding initiative, and the results were outstanding.

    Kaviki Muema


    A true gem in the world of brand. Her ability to unravel complex brand challenges and provide innovative solutions is nothing short of impressive. She guided our startup through the branding process, and the impact was immediate. She's a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a strong brand.

      Hassan Ibrahim

      Partner, HIK Advocates

      I've had the privilege of witnessing Wanjiru's expertise in action, and it's nothing short of remarkable. Her strategic thinking and keen understanding of market dynamics have helped our organization redefine our brand identity.

        Derrick Muriithi

        CEO, Nalima

        Begin the journey to your better brand

        Ready for your strong brand for change? Let’s work together to craft a brand strategy that not only speaks volumes but also resonates deeply with your target audience.

        Your brand’s success story begins here, and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

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        African Brand Strategist

        Nairobi, Kenya

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